Welcome to Aspire!

My promise is to provide expert guidance and enthusiastic support to your student and you, the parents, throughout the college planning and admission process, with the goal of maximizing both your student’s potential and her/his chances of admission and scholarships to the colleges that are best for her/him.

Even the most diligent students have difficulty keeping up with everything going on during this very busy time in their lives. The services I offer will guide you and your child through the process, help your child take control, and hopefully get you to the end as friends.

Lynne Chang

“In the months and years leading up to the SAT/ACT, you’d probably want your child to devote a couple of hours a week to prepare. But we know that when we try to get our kids to study for something so nebulous and long-term, all we will get is eye rolls and resistance and excuses. We buy them test prep books and they lie around gathering dust. It is easier to think that there is plenty of time, than to enforce regular study habits. Then all of a sudden, the test is a month away and there is no time to prepare. My service is a structured and enforced study program, with expert and personalized tutoring, that will maximize your child’s scores.”

“​We turned to Lynne as we felt our daughter needed help both with SAT preparation and with understanding all her options for college applications. Lynne has been absolutely fantastic in her support, above and beyond what we expected. She is not only very knowledgeable about standard testing, college admissions, and funding, but she really tailors her advice to the individual child’s needs and aspirations. She is very efficient and responsive, and she has made this complicated process a lot more transparent for us. We feel that Lynne has given our daughter so much more support than we could have by ourselves. Her warm personality and ability to communicate with teenagers has also helped our daughter’s self-motivation. We wholeheartedly recommend Lynne’s services for planning and preparation for college.”
– D and S, Parents of Bloomington South student
“Your assistance has been invaluable… the advice was better received [by my son] coming from you… I feel calmer after talking to you. You made this process so much easier. I wish we had contacted you in the first place.”
– L, Parent of High School Senior
““This has definitely been helpful and I am learning a lot. They never taught me this stuff in school.”
– M, High School Junior
““I would really like to thank you for working with me over the past year. It was a big reason why I got in [to my first choice school].”
– A, High School Senior

Lynne Chang