How It Works

What should you expect from this service?


Why ASPIRE? — Program Description

Full service, expert guidance for you and your student through the entire college admissions process, including:

  • Personalized small-group tutoring for the SAT/ACT;
  • Emphasis on learning content, including lessons on important math concepts & techniques, punctuation/grammar/usage rules, and reading comprehension strategies, in addition to test-taking strategies and practice;
  • Guidance in selecting coursework and activities that will make the most of the high school years;
  • Structured guidance in researching and selecting the “best for your student” colleges to apply to based on her/his specific qualifications, interests, and other criteria;
  • Personal assistance to put together the best possible application package (including resume strategy, guided essay writing, and essay review/editing/revision);
  • Detailed information and advice regarding financial aid and scholarship search; and
  • Insights to help choose the best college to commit to.


This is a 8+ month structured study program featuring weekly 2-hour sessions. Because of the length of the program, all students must start the summer before junior year. Please register by the end of sophomore year to assure a spot. Students will work in a regular group of between 4 to 5 students. I encourage students to form groups with their friends, as they will enjoy and engage in the process more when they work together. Students who sign up without group partners will be placed with other students; I try to take into account personality, interests, and academic level in doing so. Students cannot start until they have formed their own group or been placed into another group. Students are encouraged to register individually for my program in advance (availability is limited as I work with all students personally), then work on putting a group together before summer/fall of junior year. Please contact me to discuss any issues or questions regarding groups.

Each group will go sequentially through my program together. Once a student achieves his/her desired score on the SAT/ACT, that student take a break, but then we come together again in the summer before senior year to start the essay and application process. Often, students will continue meeting with me through fall of senior year until all college applications have been submitted.

Throughout the year-and-a-half process, I am available as a resource any time to students and parents to discuss their situation, financial aid, scholarships, or any other issues/questions. If your student is enrolled in the entire package, there is no extra charge.